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    Question: I haven't received my licence key or I lost my license key!

    Important! If you don't hear from us for your support email or receive your licence code: usually this is related to an incorrect filtering of a SPAM filter, either on your mail software level or at your ISP level, make sure to add quickim.com and hermestech.com to authorized domains in your spam filter. Use the form below to have the license key emailed to you again, make sure to use the email you used to purchase the product.

    Question: what do I need to run QuickIM?.

    • you need a MSN messenger instant messaging account
    • you need to install QuickIM on your phone
    • you need to have an internet connection configured on your phone, most phones come pre-configured, you can click on the icons below if you have a compatible phone:

    if your manufacturer is not listed, you can manually configure the Access point for your mobile phone using the information given in your user manuals and on this page.

    Question: I have a technical question.

    • You can find a lot of useful information in the support forum
    • You can post a new technical support question here
    • You can discuss about QuickIM, mobile phone, GPRS configuration here
    • You can find GPRS settings for mobile operators in different countries here

    Please read the online support section carefully prior to contacting us, you'll probably find an answer to your questions there. If not, please open a support ticket or directly email us

    Question: How can I get a free License Key?

    Interested in a Free Licence of QuickIM? Help QuickIM to get known and talk about QuickIM: post a fair presentation of QuickIM along with the download link (http://www.quickim.com whenever possible, please use the clickable link format, most forums provide tags to create a clickable link format) in 5 PDA/Smartphone related forums/blogs, and email email sales the 5 sites links. In return we'll be glad to offer you a free licence! Please DO NOT spam forums/blogs, instead post adequate informative content that is compatible with the forum policy. No free licence is granted in case of posts considered as spam. No idea for what to post? Below some samples (but the author forgot to add the link to QuickIM in Sample 1 :) ):
    Sample 1
    Sample 2

    Question: After registering QuickIM does it remove the references to it when you send someone a message (i.e. at the moment it pops up with "user is currently running trial quick im...."

    Definitely, on registered versions, users can enable/disable/customize this message.

    Question: How can I register QuickIM? How can I get a licence key?

    You need to purchase QuickIM on this page, and you will receive the licence key after your purchase by email. If you are running QuickIMExpress, you don't need any license key, it's free and supported by small ads.

    Question: I cannot register the software and get an error message!

    If you get an error message while registering the license key, for example something like "invalid license key! Cache-Controlmax-age=0 The requested Page can not be displayed", try to open on your phone the page http://proxy.quickim.com, you should read "Connection successful", if not, please contact your mobile carrier for technical support on configuring your GPRS profile (TCP settings for use mobile data applications) on your phone.

    Question: QuickIM is not running on my BlackBerry (but it worked before)

    Make sure to try to remove the battery and put it back. It often helps. If you never got QuickIM to work, read this page, and pay attention to the TCP configuration section if you are not on BES server. If you are on BES server, make sure the administrator has authorized data applications and have not blocked MSN on the firewall.

    Definitely, on registered versions, users can enable/disable/customize this message.

    Question: I would to help and have QuickIM translated into another language.

    Thank you! Please email support @ quickim.com using the subject "translate QuickIM into <language>", replace <language> by the language name, for example "French", we'll offer you a licence of QuickIM to thank you for your help and put your name on the translated web page. But make sure first the translation is not already done! You can check the list of available languages on http://www.quickim.com front page. Sometime, the web page is not yet translated, we'll also offer you a free licence key to translate the web page.



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