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QuickIM for MSN:


Read the FAQ and Forum for common issues resolution!

Navigation guidelines

This section is aimed to give users navigation guidelines regarding icons, buttons, keyboard navigation pad, scroll bar whether using the stylus, keyboard or navigation pad.

To ...

...Do the following:

Access Menus from the main screen

Click Quick IM tab or press the `Menu' key of your device (on treo 600 the "Menu" button, on Palm devices, this button can materialize differently so please check your device manual to find the equivalent)

Navigate within Menus

Use the arrows of the navigation pad or stylus

Navigate within buddy list

(scroll bar + buttons to reduce/expand online list or not online list + select buddies to chat with)

Go back to the buddy list while in conversation

Use the `Home' icon at the bottom left of your conversation screen

Switch to another chat room

Use the `Home' icon at the bottom left of your conversation screen and select another buddy to talk to.

You can select this icon using stylus or press the center key of your navigation pad.

Switch from one button to another (e.g. from OK to Cancel)

Use stylus or the arrows of you navigation pad.

Using specific characters in text or while signing in (e.g. the `@' character )


Icons at the top right of the screen:

The sandglass notifies you that your device can no longer track the signal which results in losing the internet connection.

The top right icon notifies the mode you are in for navigating through the buddy list:

Scroll mode or buddy selection mode:

- scroll mode enables you to use the right scroll bar to navigate up and down more quickly through the buddy list.

- buddy selection mode: enables you to use the navigation pad to scroll the list up and down and actually select the buddy you wish to start conversation with.

You can switch from one mode to another by simply clicking this icon alternately.

Quick Start

  1. Download QuickIM software
  2. Use your desktop manager to install QuickIM
  3. After installation, you should see a new "Q" icon appear in your unfilled programs:
    program list
  4. Launch QuickIM, the first time you sign on, the following screen is displayed:
  5. Click on ok, on your first launch of the software, the user instructions screen is displayed:
    user manual
  6. You can click on Exit for now to exit the built-in help screen. If this is the first time you install QuickIM, on the next screen you need to enter your MSN messenger account login and password:
  7. Click on ok after you entered your login and password. The next screen displays a warning message if you are running QuickIM in trial mode:
  8. You can either click on register, if you have a licence key. The following screen is displayed:
  9. Enter your licence key and click on OK. Make sure to not enter 1 (one) instead of l letter (L), or 0 (zero) instead of O letter etc. Your licence code is provided in both uppercase and lowercase format so you can distinguish the letters easily. If you don't have the licence code yet, click on the ignore button. In both cases QuickIM will sign you in automatically, make sure you have a GPRS or WIFI coverage:sign in
  10. If your network connection is not available, or if your mobile carrier has blocked some network ports, you may get the following error screen:
    connection error
  11. skip this step if you are not getting any error message. But if you get this error, but you know you do have a valid internet connection (for example, you can open web pages using the Palm internet browser), then you can use optional network configuration tool to change QuickIM network settings. Open the menu bar, under Options, select the menu item Connection. The following dialog box will show up:
    network settings

    You can check the "User http protocol" box, this will allow most users to use QuickIM, but the connection speed will be slower. You can optionally configure the Proxy tab and configure your network proxy settings if you know them. After you finish the settings, click on OK. The software will try to reconnect to the server using the new settings:
  12. During any network operations, a little "sandglass" sign is displayed. When this sign is displayed, the user interface will temporarily stop responding to stylus clicks and keyboards events, this is expected and due to the Palm OS networking architecture. You should simply wait until the sandglass sign disappears to resume control of the user interface:
  13. If you entered a wrong password or login (they may be case sensitive), one of the following screens may be displayed:
    wrong password
    password incorrect
    In this case, simply sign out, and click on Sign in using another account to change the login or password
  14. Users from some mobile carriers may also see the following error message: "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN>"
    In this case, you should open the Connection settings dialog box (see above), click on default, then uncheck the "Use Universal Login" check box. Click on ok and try to sign on again. We also ask you to do the following test: open http://register.quickim.com/echo.html using your Treo web browser, then use Menu/Edit/Select All/copy and paste this to an email or to a memo for example, then send the messages to support@quickim.com, we'll help you to solve the problem according to the reported information.
  15. If all goes well, you'll be signed on and see your buddy list displayed in a screen similar to:
    buddy list
  16. You can click on the "@" sign to display the user IDs instead of the nicknames. You can click on the top right side green online icon to change your presence status:
    presence status
  17. You can click on the top right list icon to change the scroll mode. Scroll mode will control the behavior of the "up" and "down" keys of your 5 way navigation pad (for Palm devices that have a 5 way navigation pad). If you change the scroll mode, instead of highlighting/selecting the next/previous user in the list, the whole screen will scroll up or down to display the hidden parts of the buddy list. Each scroll mode has a different icon displayed in the top right side:
    scroll mode
  18. If you have your licence key, you can also enter the licence key now. Open the menu, under Help, select the Licence menu item:
  19. To start a chat session, select one user, then open the menu, click on Actions/Send an instant message, or on Palm devices with keyboard select the user then hit the enter key or the central key of the 5 way navigation pad, the chat session screen will be displayed: chat
  20. Any chat message you send out is displayed in light gray color until the message is actually transmitted to the server. The message may stay gray more or less time. It may take a long time to be transmitted if you are using http protocol mode, or if your network coverage is bad and you temporarily lost network connection. When the message is actually sent out, it will be displayed in black color. You can click on the smiley icon to insert a smiley:
  21. You can click on the Quick Text button to insert a pre-recorded message. You can add/modify the pre-recorded messages and avoid typing frequently used messages:
    quick text
  22. A sample chat session screen:
    sample chat session
  23. Click on the lower left side home key to display the buddy list again. On the buddy list screen, if you have a new unread message, you'll see a little envelop near the user name who sent you the message:
    new message
  24. Here ends the quick overview of QuickIM capabilities. Below is a help guide organized by themes.


Using communication features

Sign in / sign out

To sign in:

1:Press Enter to select the account that already displays on your screen.
2: Select "sign in with a different account" to enter a new account

*If you are signing in for the first time, just select "Sign In with a different account" and enter your account.

**Your account has to be a `hotmail' address

To sign out

1: Select (QuickIM)/Actions/Sign Out
2: Select `yes' in the Sign Out pop up that displays on screen


Send instant messages

buddy list

To send an instant message to a buddy,

1: Select a buddy from the list using stylus or navigation pad
2: Select (QuickIM)/Actions/Send an instant message
1: Select a buddy from the list using stylus or navigation pad
2: if you are not using the stylus, press Enter

A chat room opens for you to chat with the selected buddy.

chat window

3: Enter your message in the bottom zone of the conversation window.
4: Select Send or press Enter on your keyboard/ navigation pad?

Tip: To go back to the buddy list, click the Home icon at the bottom left of the room. You will switch back to the buddy list without closing the room. To return to that room, just select the buddy you were previously talking to. The room will display as you left it with all previous messages exchanged.


Set your status

To set your status:

1:Select (QuickIM)/Actions/My Status
2:Select your current status (Online, On the phone, busy..)


Add / Delete contact

1:select a buddy from the list
2:click the QuickIM tab or press the Menu key of you device to access the messenger menu.
3: select Actions/Add Contact
4: enter you contact's e-mail address
5: click OK


Block/Unblock a contact

You may sometimes need to block a contact. This means this contact will no longer be able to send you messages .

1:select a buddy from the list
2:click the QuickIM tab or press the Menu key of your device to access the messenger menu.
3:select Actions/Block or Actions/Unblock


Using emoticons

While in conversation, you can use emoticons:

To use emoticons:

1:click the emoticons icon using stylus
2:press the center key of your pad to access the bottom icons, then use the pad to access the emoticons icon and press again the center key of your pad
3:select an emoticons in the emoticons pop up window using stylus or navigation pad

it automatically displays in the message area

click Send


Using Quick text

While in conversation you can use quick text (i.e. pre-written text or text templates) to save time in typing messages: 

To use quick text:

1:Click `Quick Text'
2:Select a quick text item from the existing list
3:Click OK

» The quick text automatically displays in the message area of the conversation room.

4:Click `Send'


Editing existing quick text 

To edit existing quick text:

1: Click `Quick Text'
2: Select a quick text item from the existing list
3: Click the `pen icon'
4: Edit existing quick text and/or add emoticons
5: Click OK

» You can now view the existing quick text displayed on the list.


Create quick text templates

You can always extend your quick text list by creating new quick text items:

To add new quick text items:

1:Click `Quick text'
2:Click the `sheet icon'
3: Enter text and/or emoticons
4:Click OK

»You can now view the new quick text item displayed on the list.


Define Settings

Set up connection

Connection performance and quality depend on both the device you are using and the technical parameters allowed by your network operator. Therefore you need to define connection settings accordingly. 

To set up your connection:

1:Click the Menu tab onscreen or press the Menu key on your device keyboard
2:Select Options/Connection 

connection settings

If you encounter connection trouble,  we recommend you use the http protocol. This connection is likely to work on most phone networks but is slightly slower than the default connection mode:

1: Select the General tab
2: Check the `Use Http protocol' box 

Note: You can always go back to your default connection mode by clicking the Default button. 

  • If you selected the `Use Http protocol',

you should set an Http ping period within 1 to 30 seconds. Bear in mind that the higher you set the ping value:

- the more slowly messages will be retrieved,

- the lesser the network traffic will get

- the less often the sandglass will display on your messenger screen.

In order to accelerate connection, you should uncheck the `I use http protocol' box and test to see if QuickIM works without http protocol mode.

  • If your network has a http/web proxy server

1: Select the General tab and check the `Use Proxy Server' box
2:Select the `Proxy' tab and enter the following network information:

proxy settings

- Server: contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- Port: contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- User: contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- Password: contact your network administrator if you don't know it 

Connecting QuickIM to a private corporate/enterprise IM server:

By default, your messenger software connects to the public MSN network but you may also connect it to a private QuickIM server. If using a private corporate IM server:

1:select the General tab and check the Connect to private server box
2: select the Private server tab and enter the following network information:

private IM server

- Server: enter your server IP or contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- Direct Socket Port: contact your network administrator if you don't know it

-Http Port: contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- Gateway (optional) : enter the server IP or Http tunneling gateway or contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- (Gateway) Port optional) : contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- Authentication Server: enter your authentication IP or contact your network administrator if you don't know it

- (Authentication) Port : contact your network administrator if you don't know it 

Set up encoding (language display)

This allows the software to use the right fonts display non ASCII characters that are sent/received.

To set up encoding:

1: Click the QuickIM tab or press the Menu key of your device keyboard.
2: Select Options/Outgoing Message encoding
3: Select the encoding from the list (Latin for all western languages, Cyrillic for all languages based on the cyrillic alphabet, SJIS for the japanese language).


Accessing online help

The Help section enables you to find all main instructions regarding such topics as: navigation guidelines, communication features, connection settings and licence key activation.

To access online help section, click (QuickIM)/Help/Instructions


License key activation

Entering your license key enables you to activate your software after purchasing it which will put an end to the trial version limitation.

To activate your license key: 

1. Click (QuickIM)/Help/License

» You are simply asked to enter the software license key you have received by e-mail after purchase.

2. Click OK to confirm


About the software

The About section displays information about the software: name, version, software maker.

To access the About section, click (QuickIM)/Help/About QuickIM.


- Java Phones (J2ME) Edition
Palm OS / Treo Edition
Blackberry Edition
- UIQ (Symbian) Edition

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