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[10/10] Phil Graham from England
This software is excellent,it works... I use MSN all the time and its just the best,I think its even better than MSN on a windows mobile...

10/10] somegirl from canada,
this is really really good, i used some other applications, it`s slow and disconnected me sometimes, this one is the best out of best that i have ever tried, really good 10/10 for sure

[10/10] Dogukan from Turkey
it is really perfect !! i tried all but this one was the best ;

[9/10] Adil from Pakistan, Karachi,
Excellent !!! Really. I was amazed with the power fo my mobile even in a country like Pakistan

[10/10] U2 from Sudan,
It`s the best

QuickIM messenger overview for Palm

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Make sure to read this user guide first!

PalmOS Edition Vers. 2.3.x

$10 (one time fee)

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Or you can manually download the PRC installer here

Change log:
2.3.0403 improved reliability and network compatibility for users on some mobile networks
2.0.1 fixes a license key activation bug (before you would see a red crossed icon after registration)

Note: do not install the 2.x release if you have a 1.x license key, the 2.x software will not work with the old key. If you would like to purchase a new license key at special upgrade price, please use this link.

QuickIM requires a WIFI, Modem or GPRS connection that does not restrict the internet access. QuickIM will NOT work on your device if you DON'T have a fully internet compatible connection available through WIFI, Bluetooth or GPRS/Modem. You may need to contact your mobile operator and make sure you have a FULL internet GPRS connection, sometime called Web data options or PDA data options or Internet data options.


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- Java Phones (J2ME) Edition
Palm OS / Treo Edition
Blackberry Edition
- UIQ (Symbian) Edition

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