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QuickIM MSN messenger for Blackberry User Guide

Important, you've already installed QuickIM and it's not working for you? You are going to install QuickIM? Make sure to read this!!

Read the FAQ and Forum for common issues resolution!

Step 1: download the software here

Step 2:

1. Extract the software download for BlackBerry ZIP file into a temporary location on your hard drive.
2. Start the RIM Desktop Manager that was provided with your RIM device.
3. Choose Application Loader.
4. Choose Add Available Optional Applications and browse to the location of the unzipped files.
5. Select the .alx file to begin the installation.
6. Look for the "Q" icon of the newly installed QuickIM and launch the software!

If you get the message "No additional applications designed for your handheld were found" or other error messages, read this.

Install QuickIM using the Desktop Manager, after the software is installed, you should see the new icon appear in the programs list:

on newer versions of QuickIM, you might see the following icon

New QuickIM Icon

Launch QuickIM, the first time QuickIM is launched, you'll see the following screen so you can enter your MSN messenger account login and password

After entering the login account, hit the right side wheel key, and select the "Save" menu item

Below is the screen you will see at each future launch of QuickIM, select "Sign in" to sign in on MSN network

You may see a popup stating "The application QuickIM has requested a socket connection to messenger.hotmail.com.". In this case, check "Don't as this again for all socket connections", then select "Allow this connection" and hit enter. Make sure you selected the correct options before confirming as this may result you not being able to use QuickIM.

You may see a popup stating "The application QuickIM has requested a http connection to gate.quickim.com". In this case, check "Don't as this again for all http connections", then select Allow this connection, and hit enter.

If you respond too slowly to the above authorization, you may see "Network Error, Err:Connection Error", in this case simply relaunch the sign in process.

A progress bar will display the sign in progress, it should take around 20 seconds

If all goes well, you should see a screen similar to the following displaying your contact list. If you get instead an error message similar to

"Error while connecting. Dispatch server error: Address=messenger.hotmail.com, Port=-1 Details: Create socket: Unable to open connection"

or"Network Error Create socket: could not open tunnel- failed ", please read this.

To start a new chat session, select an online contact (the icon is in green), hit the right side wheel button, and select the "New chat" menu entry

Once the chat session established, you should see a blank screen if you just started a chat session. Hit the right side wheel key and select "Compose" to start typing a new chat message:

Type the chat message:

while composing the chat message, you have several options. Click on the right side wheel key, you can select/manage "Quick text" which are short phrases that you reuse often, select "Smiley" to insert a smiley symbol:

If you choose to insert a smiley, the following screen will appear, you can scroll through the available icons and select one:

the smiley is inserted as a text shortcut, but will be displayed as an image once the chat message sent:

In the Quick text screen, you should see the default sample phrase, you can add/remove/update/select phrases:

The selected phrase will be appended to the chat message being composed:

hit the right side wheel key and select "Send" to send the chat message out:

the new chat message is displayed on the screen as below, the smiley is transformed back into an icon message, and the remote user should see the message:

If the remote user answers to the chat message, you will see something similar to the following:

Hit the right side "escape" key to exit temporarily from the chat session, the list of all available chat sessions will be displayed. You can select any other chat session to resume an ongoing chat session, or hit the "escape" key again to display the buddy list.

Network configuration tips:

If you encounter any network related errors, you should probably configure the network settings on your phone, click here for more explanation . To configure the TCP options, select the "options" program from the main program list:

scroll down to the TCP settings option, or on some devices, open "Advanced Options" first, then select TCP:

enter the appropriate network settings which you can find on this page or from your mobile operator:

once the new configuration entered, save the settings

After this, when you relaunch QuickIM, you may have the message "create socket Malformed address returning null connection", in this case, reboot your phone (more details here)

Now, quit QuickIM if it's already started, then repeat those steps.

If you still get an error message, you can either verify your TCP settings (ask your mobile carrier to get latest up to date information), and configure the proxy settings in QuickIM: launch QuickIM, select settings/Server settings, then make sure to check "Use login server proxy" and "Use default", save the options and restart QuickIM.

Below is a list of common error messages:

If the login name password is wrong, you will get the following message:

Click here for a list of other common error messages.

For other tips on running QuickIM on BlackBerry:

click here


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